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  • Obstruction lights

    10 Cd Obstruction lights

    The Dialight 860 series 10cd LED obstruction light can be flashed or steady burned depending on the application.This product benefits from the latest LED technology combining low power consumption with an expected life of 8 to 10 years. This product has a five year performance warranty as standard. Available in single or double configuration with a range of mounting brackets. [read more]

    32 Cd Obstruction lights

    The Dialight 860 series is the FAA type L810 red LED obstruction light. Designed for steady burning, this fixture is used to mark any obstacle that may present hazards to aircraft navigation. The US patent office has issued patent number 6,425,678 B1 for this series. [read more]

    50 Cd Obstruction lights

    The Dialight 860 50cd obstruction light is designed to meet specific European specifications where the standard 32cd output is not enough. Based on the same design as the standard, this range of lights carry the same 5 year warranty and stil benefit from low power consumption. [read more]

    Coloured Obstruction lights

    This page is currently under-construction, please check again later.[read more]

    32 Cd Hazardous Area Obstruction lights

    The Dialight L-810 Obstruction Light is an LED BASED Class 1, Division 2 certified fixture. Used for obstruction marking of structures in hazardous environments, providing a valuable solution to the petrochemical industry facilities. [read more]

    2000 Cd Beacon

    D264 Series - LED based ICAO Type B & C Medium Intensity Red Beacon
    The Dialight D264 series LED medium intensity beacon incorporates state of the art LED's into an efficient optical design to give the performance needed in order to meet ICAO and FAA requirements, whilst only consuming 48 watts of power. [read more]

    20.000 Cd Red/White Dual Beacon

    The Dialight D265 is the first production medium intensity Red/White Beacon, utilising state of the art optics. With the use of a simple controller, the D265 will provide over 20,000cd white in the day and 2,000 cd red at night. The D265 also has a default to 2,000cd white if desired. [read more]