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  • Controllers

    Photocell Controllers

    This range of Photocells can be used to control single or multiple obstruction lights or beacons. They have built in time delay preventing false cycling caused by lightning flashes or stray headlights and Meets FAA/FCC requirements for airway obstruction lighting. [read more]

    Changeover Relays

    This range of changeover relays are designed to be used with the 860 Series Double obstruction light. These systems automatically change to using the second light if the first fails. This system can be used in conjunction with a photocell alternate the primary light which can increase the life of the unit to 15 years! [read more]

    Custom Control Systems

    We support our range of obstruction lights by providing systems for all possible configurations. Whether you are trying to meet ICAO or FAA and have between 1 and 50 lights we can suppport with a robust custom made controller. These controllers usually come in a wall mounting enclosure and can be intergrated into building or tower managent systems. [read more]

    Flashing systems

    A range of flashing units are available to support all obstruction lights. These units come fitted into a Nema 4 enclosure and can be used to synchronise the flashing of multiple obstruction lights. These products are based on solid state technology making them extremely reliable. [read more]

    Failure Alarm

    We provide a range of current sensing devices to monitor and provide an alarm contact on failure. These system can be configured for single of multiple obstruction light monitoring. [read more]

    Solar Power control systems

    Dialight has a range of solar systems designed to support our range of low intensity obstruction lights. These systems are configured to meet the precise requirements of every geographical location based on daylight hours. We provide a complete turnkey solution to lighting remote sites where line power is not available. [read more]

    Controller with CPU

    OLC2-48DC is suitable for the control and supervision of type L-810 steady-burning red obstruction lights operating on 48VDC and mounted on transmitting towers, chimneys and other high-rishing building structures. [read more]

    48VDC vezérlő szekrény

    This page is currently under-construction, please check again later. [read more]